The Clinic is funded entirely by donation, with no federal funding.


The Clinic operates on a 2020-21 fiscal year budget of $1.4 million, providing millions of dollars worth of care annually for our neighbors in need. This is care that those of low incomes would not receive otherwise, short of using hospital emergency rooms. All operating funds are by donation.

During difficult economic times, the Clinic has been the health safety net for hundreds of new patients who have struggled with reduced work hours or lost health insurance, or both. Meanwhile, the NNMFHC is positioning itself to adapt to any changes brought about by health care reform, and continues to be the medical home for those who do not have one elsewhere. Experts agree that free clinics will be a main avenue for providing access to health care for many years to come.

Making a Difference

Gifts from the heart, including financial contributions and volunteer hours, have allowed the Clinic to achieve the following through 2018:

  • Number of patients treated – 14,800
  • Number of patient visits – 170,301
  • Number of prescriptions filled – 591,211
  • Number of labs and referral visits – 142,353
  • Value of Services Provided:
    $112,876,244 from 1993 through 2018