Chefs’ Table Reception at Indian Creek raises $12,000 for Free Health Clinic

June 16, 2017

The Clinic held its first special fund-raising event March 22, 2017, thanks to the thoughtfulness and work of Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club members and the sponsorship of Chesapeake Bank.

Frank Maguire and Jerry Hughes of Indian Creek conceived the Chefs’ Table Reception to benefit the Clinic. Donors during the special campaign were invited to attend the evening reception at the Club, where chefs from Indian Creek, Carwash Café, Merroir, The Tides Inn, and Tommy’s showcased some of their signature dishes. Chesapeake Bank paid for the complimentary wine and manned the table, and Performance Food Group donated the food.

About 130 attended the event, which raised $12,000 for the Clinic.

The reception was so well received that Indian Creek, the Clinic and Chesapeake Bank are planning to make it an annual event.

The Clinic is deeply indebted to chef David McMillan of Indian Creek, who helped recruit others to join in the fund-raiser. Sincere thanks go to him and the other chefs that shared their time and talents so generously: T.V. Flynn of The Tides Inn, Peter Woods of Merrior, Susan Hall of Carwash Café, Gabe Gillette of Tommy’s Restaurant, and Carrie Stevens, the pastry chef and Indian Creek.

Indian Creek also decorated for the event and donated waitstaff services, while Dr. Cheryl Brown-Davis provided dinner music.