Now she’s always smiling….

June 26, 2019

C.E. Jennings, 58, is living with a disability, on an SSI income of $750 a month, or $9,000 per year, far below the federal poverty level. She also supports a daughter and grandchild, and receives $363 a month ($4,356 per year) in food stamps. Counting both her income and food stamps, she’s living on $13,356 a year – or 63% of the federal poverty level for a family of three.

Still, she’s been able to get an oral evaluation, treatment plan, 14 teeth extractions, a full set of dentures, and follow-up adjustments thanks to the NNMFHC Dental Clinic.

Ms. Jennings, who lives an hour away, started the process in August of 2018 and in February of 2019 received her final dentures. Better speech, a broad smile, and deep gratitude came with them. She paid a total of $380 over the six months and received $4,688 worth of dental care that otherwise was far beyond her means.