Behavioral Health

The Hope Initiative

The Hope Initiative, a highly successful behavioral health program developed by the Bradley Free Clinic in Roanoke, is being replicated for the first time in Virginia at the Northern Neck – Middlesex Free Health Clinic.

The NNMFHC has hired two certified Peer Recovery Specialists and is establishing the community partnerships needed to assist individuals battling Substance Use Disorders (SUD) in any form (opiates, meth, marijuana, alcohol, etc.) who are seeking addiction treatment and recovery resources. The Peer Recovery Specialists will inform the individual or family members of resources for treatment and recovery programs and assist in navigating the application process.

The HOPE Initiative is a collaborative effort between law enforcement, healthcare systems, treatment and recovery agencies, and safety net organizations throughout the community. Together we can do what we could never do alone.

It is a safety net in the community providing information, resources, support, and hope in a non-judgmental environment where individuals can begin to build their foundation of recovery.

When an individual or family member contacts the Hope Initiative, they can expect to meet with one of the specialists, who are compassionate and nonjudgmental, and who have walked in their shoes. The participant will complete the brief interview process, and then be presented with options from our Directory of Resources.  The available options may be in the Clinic service area, elsewhere in the State, or along the east coast. The potential options are:

Detoxification/Stabilization Programs

Inpatient Treatment Programs

- Short Term (30 Days – 90 Days)

- Long Term (90 Days – 2 years+)

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Medication Assisted Treatment

Mental Health Services

Aftercare/Support Groups

Recovery Residences


Once the participant selects the option they feel best meets their needs, we assist them with the application and admissions process, making phone calls, sending emails and faxes, scheduling assessments, etc. In all ways, the specialists are here to light the way on the path to recovery.

Ongoing community efforts are being made to increase accessible resources that cover the full spectrum of the necessary continuum of care.

The Directory of Resources includes options for those without insurance and those with Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance. The programs for those without insurance are available at minimal or no cost. Our primary objective is to assist participants in navigating the healthcare system and hopefully eliminate any barriers that may prevent someone from getting the treatment they so desperately need.